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Azure Plate

Azure Plate


Azure is lush and luxurious. It's rich colour and sheen enhances your hosting experience and adds to the celebration everyday!!

Azure is perfect for serving pasta, snacks or your favorite comfort food.

It is pure convenience with a playful twist adding excitement to your routine.


Pair these with our ornate snack-bowls for a coordinated look.


Sizes - Dia 24cm x Height 3cm


Handcrafted Glazed stoneware

Microwave & dishwasher safe


*Disclaimer = Each piece is handcrafted one at a time, they are bound to have unique identities like all of us. Hence minor imperfections, variations in colour, size and shape is natural.

Handmade pottery crazes with time, nothing to worry, it's a natural response to the environment and is harmless, you can carry on using your favorite ware without any doubts.


* Care = Wash with dishwashing detergent or soap, wash with warm water occasionally. Do not put in microwave or oven right after refrigerator to avoid thermal shock and breakage.

We have used best of raw materials to make them very strong, but they are still breakable, Please handle with love and care!

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