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Our Design Philosophy

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inspires our design philosophy

...Veracity shapes our rustic pronouncement!

We celebrate shades of life and how it's ever transforming. We craft stories around all moods and their coexistence - vibrance & calmness, drama & subtlety, quirk & elegance, movement & static...

Vicinity stimulates our conception, we love to tell many stories... be it peppy minimalism or classic refinement; opulent abundance or monochromatic poise, all at once. Our expression is spirited, vivacious and lavish. We like to be literal and symbolic at the same time. Our design is dynamic like all of us and our universe.

We relish aesthetical harmony and pursue inspirational functionality!

Our Story

Swaa Clay Studio was started by Swapnil Pandeya in 2017. We design and handcraft ceramic tableware & home decor.

At Swaa we let every pot be itself. We prefer making 'similar' over 'identical'. Every article is handcrafted one at a time and enjoys maker's undivided attention. Each one is equally special and experiences a personal journey from clay to kiln and finally to your beautiful homes! 


Amidst today’s fast fashion and disposable ways, we believe in creating products that are designed to last. We aspire to contribute towards a sustainable and futuristic living.

“To buy to cherish & treasure...”

We like to make sure that all our raw material is recycled within the studio, not contributing to unnecessary debris.

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About the Founder

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Swapnil studied fashion-design at NIFT and spent 12 enriching years designing apparel. She worked with several fashion leaders globally. A vibrant career took her around the world. Diversity enhanced cognizance and exposure helped develop unique design sensibility.


She was introduced to clay casually, and got mesmerized with its versatility. A ripening designer was eager to widen her horizon and explore a new medium professionally. Clay was engaging enough to challenge an inventive mind. It was a perfect match and there was no looking back from there.


An ardent traveller and a certified scuba diver spent past decade diving around the world. A music lover and a trained Kathak dancer. She believes in being inspired everyday and working hard towards her passion for design. 

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