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Rustic Mint Large Mug with Lid

Rustic Mint Large Mug with Lid

  • A unique mug set containing a large mug and a lid, so that you don't have to heat and reheat your tea. Large tea/coffee lovers face general problem of leaving their beverage halfway as it gets dead cold, but no more!  Chose this set or a hassle free long lazy weekend mornings.  Glazed with a unique rustic mint colour full of organic character.


Sizes - Dia 4.5" x Height 5.5"


Handcrafted Glazed stoneware

Microwave & dishwasher safe


*Disclaimer = Each piece is handcrafted one at a time, they are bound to have unique identities like all of us. Hence minor imperfections, variations in colour, size and shape is natural.

Handmade pottery crazes with time, nothing to worry, it's a natural response to the environment and is harmless, you can carry on using your favorite ware without any doubts.


* Care = Handle with love and care, wash with dishwashing detergent or soap, wash with warm water occasionally. Do not put in microwave or oven right after refrigerator to avoid thermal shock and breakage.

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